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Is there finally competition for Sublime Text 2? Yesterday the brand new Atom Text Editor was announced, and it looks to be the first real competition to Sublime Text. Atom is made by the fine folks at GitHub (a very good sign) and looks to be super customizable and full featured.

The slogan for the new editor is “A hackable text editor for the 21st Century” so there promises to be a lot of user made content for the editor. This is great news since one of the things that makes Sublime Text 2 so great is user made plugins.

If you want to try out Atom you can sign up right now at for a beta invite. I signed up yesterday and I already got into the beta. I will be working with Atom all day today and seeing how it works and what features it has, and then I will most likely release another blog post tomorrow about my initial impressions.

I also have 5 extra beta invites to give away, so if you want them email me at! First 5 people to contact get invites guaranteed. EDIT: Sorry everyone the betas are all gone. If I get more I will let you know and share them with you. Also please let me know what you think of Atom in the comments below. Let me know what features you want to see from other text editors in Atom, and what new features you would like to see as well.

Thanks for reading and check back for my initial impressions of Atom.