Busy, Busy, Busy.

Hey everyone. This is literally a post about how I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had time to write a post in a while (kind of an oxymoron, but that’s fine).

Now some of you may be thinking, “oh wow you’re busy, that’s great you’re being productive!” However, I am not busy because I am being productive. I am busy because I’ve been playing a shit load of Wildstar… so ya. The game is amazing and if you are at all a fan of MMO’s then you would be a fool not to pick it up! That’s pretty much all I wanted to say. I hope I’ll get a few more posts in soon, but they will probably be shorter than the ones I’ve been known to do. Usually I write full blown tutorials. These next few might be more like awesome tips and tricks.

As always thank you for reading! Please feel free to put any questions, suggestions, or ideas in the comments section below regarding what kind of small tips/tricks posts you would want to see! And go play Wildstar!