Launching New Blog Website


I’m really happy to announce to everyone that me and my some of my good friends are launching a new website based on our interests in gaming, anime, TV show and whatever else we want to post about. We aren’t expecting anything big from the website or for it to become our full time jobs. We really just wanted to build up a community of like minded people that we could share our opinions with.


If you want to check out the website you can find it at (a pretty sweet domain name we all thought). If you’re at all interested in video games, anime, comics or generally nerdy stuff, check website from time to time. We will try our best to make sure there is some original exciting content for you to read. Right now the site isn’t really fully complete in terms of content (at least not for a real launch), but rather than put it under construction we are going to leave it open to the public to view while we put up more content.

If you want a sample of whats to come, please check out my initial impressions of The Long Dark, a survival game made by Hinterland Games right here in Canada.

I will definitely try my best to still post my regular programming and development tutorials to this website. I am really enjoying writing on this blog and that’s part of the reason that I went ahead and created the new site with my friends. Hopefully they get as much enjoyment out of writing tutorials as I do.

As always thank you for reading and please tell your friends about Grinding Levels.