Sexy Underscores/Foundation Footer

I’m back! I took this summer off from blogging just to relax and enjoy my vacations etc… But I’m happy to be back and will try to put out some really helpful blog posts. I have been working on some new stuff and techniques over the summer so I’ll try to get a lot of those ideas down in solid form.

The following is a nice footer I’ve created using what I’m tentatively calling DobsonDev Underscores. In a previous article I talked about theme development with underscores and foundation. I’ve continually built upon this idea creating a base theme using Underscores that already has Foundation hooked into it along with a shell script that will create the theme based on the theme name, theme folder and theme slug. This is somewhat similar to the theme creation process when downloading Underscores from their website,

While I haven’t completed the entire DobsonDev Underscores yet – I should be done soon and I will post everything in a future blog post. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this cool footer and feel free to use it in your own work! Note that the example below will probably appear as the responsive version so I would highly recommend checking it out on CodePen to see the full monitor view as well.

See the Pen Cool Footer Example by Alex Dobson (@SufferMyJoy) on CodePen.0

As always thank you for reading and please share it around as much as you can! Please feel free to put any suggestions or ideas for future tutorials in the comments section below.