This portfolio page shows the some of the work I’ve done over the past years. I’ve included things from my University days, my own personal coding projects, websites I’ve done professionally under contract with my employers, as well as quite a few WordPress plugins that I’ve done.

Some of the things listed in this portfolio are hard to grasp without some knowledge of coding. Lot’s of the coding projects and plugins for WordPress have no tangible examples you can use unless you run them.

University Coding Projects:

Personal Coding Projects:

Professional Website Projects:

Note that for all the websites listed below (except for the ones with notes) I designed the WordPress theme which denotes the general layout and colour scheme of the website. The content including pictures, videos, music and text (including changing the default text colour and font) are all done by the respective owner of the site and not by me.

Personal Website Projects:

  • dobsondev.com
  • grindinglevels.com (no longer active)
  • portabellabreaker.com (no longer active)

WordPress Coding Projects:

WordPress Example Plugins

These are a collection of plugins that I made to illustrate an example of something you could do with WordPress on my blog. They are like fully functioning code examples that other developers can use to see how to use different parts of WordPress’ functionality. All of them are hosted on GitHub.

You can also view my GitHub account to see what I am actively working on at github.com/SufferMyJoy/. It is not always the most up to date but I try my best to throw my random personal projects up there.