DobsonDev Shortcodes 2.0.0

I’m happy to say that I’ve released DobsonDev Shortcodes 2.0.0. This release includes a huge new feature (hence the 2.0.0), a TinyMCE plugin that gives users an interface within TinyMCE for adding shortcodes to your content. Gone are the days of remember the text for every shortcode, now you can simply click on the DobsonDev Shortcodes TinyMCE button and fill in the attributes and the shortcode will be put in for you.


I’ve also included a couple of bug fixes.

  • All the JavaScript and CSS files are now minified. I had them minified before – but for some of them I didn’t load the minified versions like a fool.
  • I’ve also added a lot more comments to the plugin for those wanting to modify the code themselves.
  • Finally I’ve gone through and done a few other tweaks to some functions to make them a little more efficient.
  • The plugin is now tested up to WordPress 4.4 which will be released in December.

Below you can see some screen shots of the new TinyMCE plugin in action:





For future updates I’ve found a few new shortcodes I want to add still. One of them is a embed for Binary Beast tournaments. I’ve already implemented the shortcode but I just want to test it out a little more and see how I can tweak it.

If there are any other additional features or shortcodes you want me to include in future updates please let me know in the comments below or throw me an email.

As always thank you for reading and please share it around as much as you can! Please feel free to put any suggestions or ideas for future tutorials in the comments section below.