Blog Will Now Include Recipes!

Recently I’ve had less time to write about all the tech WordPress stuff I usually have time to write about. Those technical articles/tutorials take up a lot of time and require quite a bit of planning, in fact most of my recent ones involve writing an entire plugin.

My work has been a lot busier lately so I haven’t had the time to write my usual tutorials at the level I want them to be at. I still do want to use my blog as a creative outlet though, so I’ve decided to write about another one of my passions that requires significantly less time – cooking.

I have a good collection of recipes and kitchen equipment so I’ll be mixing in recipes and general cooking stuff into my blog alongside my usual tech articles. This may seem like a bit of an odd mix but it’s my blog so I can do what I want.

I’ll be labeling everything that’s a recipe or cooking related as such in the title so you’ll know what it is right away and can skip it if you’re only into the tech articles. Hopefully you’ll still check them out and even try out the recipes! As always thanks for reading and let me know what your favorite recipe is in the comments below.