DobsonDev Theme Updated

As you can tell if you’ve ever visited this website before and are now reading this, the theme for the website has been updated! It’s been a long time in the works, not really because of difficulty in programming or design but simply because of indecision. I was really on the fence for what I wanted to do and I just wouldn’t commit to anything at all. So late last night (around 2:00 am or so) I decided to just take the plunge and commit to using the current beta version of the site I had been working on.

This is it.

The theme is still pretty minimalistic but I’ve added a bit more color, especially with featured images on all blog posts now. I want to use them as a means to easily identify what the post is about – kind of like a category but in the form of a picture. I also couldn’t help myself with the title text and used the SEGA font to give it a bit of a Mr. Robot vibe along with the header image on the home page. Hopefully people will know right away that the main subject matter of the blog is computing related.

At any rate I hope that if anyone out there actually reads my blog on a consistent basis they’re happy with the changes. However, those people will also be very curious as to why I did a complete redesign when it seemed like a had stopped blogging altogether. I will admit that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. This is largely due to an error I encountered with my WordPress installation where new posts would be given the ID of an older post. I think I got this error because I tried to write two brand new articles at the same time and the auto save feature saved them both as the same ID but I’m not 100% sure.

At any rate when I redid the theme for this website I also gutted the database and started from scratch. I actually just imported all of my old posts with the WordPress importer tool. Unfortunately it didn’t import my media library but the files are all technically still there so although I can’t see them in WordPress they are still loading on all the old posts so it’s all good.

As you would probably imagine I used my DobsonDev Underscores to build the theme. I’ve actually just recently done some updates to increase load times on that project (Font Awesome is now locally installed instead of using a CDN) and I’ve added in jQuery mask which I intend to do a blog post about very soon. I’ve also been working a lot with registration systems and different things like that so hopefully some good blog posts will come out of that.

To wrap this all up, please let me know what you think of the new theme in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and look forward to some blog posts coming back out soon!